Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fundraising for a private school

This is Mike...
Normally we wouldn't be fundraising for a private school but here in Granada about a third of the children in private schools are scholarship students. The scholarship students exhibit an aptitude for learning in the barrio schools and are then referred to the private schools. This is the breakthrough chance that many of the impoverished families wish for, as the private schools are top notch facilities and are 100%  free for the needy students. Not only are the kids afforded a great education but also receive nutritious meals for their growing bodies. Sierra and Zoe's school is also made up of one third scholarship students. For these local kids to excel and be given such a chance is awesome and will most certainly be life changing for them and my kids are able to witness it. The school that we volunteered at last year, and will soon do so again this year, places their brightest pupils in the best schools. We find this kind of philanthropy so energizing as you are able to affect change and watch its outcome. The fundraiser was a success and as the pictures can attest, was packed with generous donors.    

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