Monday, May 23, 2016

Buying a bed

This is Elise.  Shopping is Granada is always an adventure.  I never know what I am going to find and what kind of store I will find it in.  You often have to ask for what you are looking for because it is not displayed.  I also neglected to bring a calculator so I have the fun task of converting cordobas to dollars in my head.  Then I have to converse in Spanish.  I have mixed results with my Spanish.  There are times I actually understand what people are saying.  Other times, not so much.

Mike and I were shopping for a twin bed for Zoe because the girls don't like to share a bed.  We had been to the furniture stores in town but didn't really want to spend $150 because we aren't sure what our long term plans are.  On the way home we spotted some beds and walked inside to take a closer look.  Simple wood frame construction with a foam mattress pad offered at a much better price of $69.  As we were standing there in the store, trying to decide if the bed would be a good purchase, two men came in and picked the bed up and carried it outside.  We were confused. Mike asked if the bed is still available and the store owner looked confused.  Apparently, the store owner thought we had agreed to buy the bed and it was already on the truck for delivery.  Well, okay, I guess we will take it.  It seems to be working out okay since Zoe falls asleep as soon as she gets into bed every night.

Though the building looks old the bed frames are excellent quality.

Elise in the delivery truck and the bed in back. I ended up in back with the bed on our ride back home.

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