Monday, May 23, 2016

Off campus play area

This is Mike...
The only real complaint we have about the in-town school is there isn't an attached play area for the kids. The campus is not purpose-built and is essentially an old apartment building converted into a school. The kids go to a nearby park/square to burn off steam but it is not the same as their own playground. Tourists and locals alike visit this park to enjoy the views of the Xalteva cathedral and sit under the shade trees. The teachers keep watchful eyes on the kids and most days we go there at recess to help monitor the many kiddos running around.    

Zoe walking towards the shady area where I was standing.

Sierra playing jump rope with the other kids.

Xalteva church in the background of the square.

Dr. Peck remembered at the same square where the kids have recess.

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