Sunday, May 8, 2016

Poor as poor gets

This is Mike...
There too but for the grace of God go I is a beautiful saying. Seeing the poor, the so desperately poor, can give one a real jolt. I used to think that some of them created their own world. I thought some of them gave up versus the innocent ones which had a tough experience and ended up there. I used to wish that I could tell the difference so I knew which ones to help, and which ones not to help. However, a year ago, I realized how stupid and judgemental I was regarding poverty. In fact, my concept of wealth changed when my understanding of poverty got clarity.  We are happiest when we are healthiest. We are happiest when we are surrounded by those who love us. Money is important but should never be the centerpiece of our existence. Last year, I watched as my wife was overcome with emotions in a poor barrio outside of Granada. She was awestruck watching the children playing and laughing in the dirt streets while they themselves were living in cardboard and plastic bag huts. We learned a lot that afternoon. We learned how happiness can be detached from possessions not just in word, but also in deed.

Tough spot for this young man who is most likely high on glue, though not confirmed. Glue sniffing is very popular among Nicaragua's poor community and we have seen a lot of it.

The pre-trash truck crew. These guys might make a couple dollars a day rummaging through trash and collecting recyclables.

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