Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The journey was half the fun

Flying to and from Corn Island was half the fun. The tiny planes are cramped, so anyone suffering from claustrophobia, should be aware, this may be a Valium kind of flight. The ceiling inside the plane was little more than 4 feet high. The island's size comes into full focus flying over the tiny speck in the middle of the ocean. The island was so adorable that when we landed for the first time, I was halfway expecting a midget shouting, "The plane, the plane." The kids thoroughly enjoyed the tight plane but for my wife and I, the air was thin and getting thinner by the minute. When we went down the runway, and lifted for the first time, we had that empty, unsettling feeling for a moment. Thankfully nobody on the plane barfed and that the air conditioner was working well or y'all would be reading about a white dude who couldn't handle the feeling of being buried alive in a hot tight airplane and jumped to his death.  
   The views out the plane's windows told a thousand stories that maps don't. For example, the autonomous regions of the Atlantic north and south look so undeveloped on a map. Reality, though, is the tropical lowland forest has been heavily cleared for various agriculture concerns. This was so sad, considering I was expecting a virgin, or nearly virgin, forest to fly over. It was a reminder that maps are visual aids for governments to show you what they are saying, not doing. The autonomous Atlantic regions are struggling just like elsewhere, so any growth is good growth right now. When I look at a map, I see so much potential for national parks and other protected areas for ecotourism. However, when we flew over the autonomous east, I saw the roads as malignant growths consuming what little nature they have left. Sad that humans destroy so much in the name of progress. Sad that so much of the green on a map, is anything but.

The views of the island from the plane speak for themselves

A child's wonderment is a beautiful thing.

The patchwork of farming where the jungle was supposed to be is a sad sight.

Arriving to Corn Island was exciting.

When I said small plane I meant small plane.

Tight interior spaces on the plane.

Wonderful views of the island.

The reef was amazing. 
Tiny island with a big heart.

We were right there feeding the sharks in the lagoon.

Approaching the east coast of Nicaragua.

The jungle opened for ranching and the little towns that support them with labor.

Airport security on a bicycle and the tower in the background, can't get any better than this.

Approaching Managua in the afternoon.

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