Sunday, November 20, 2016

Animals not viewed as pets

One of the saddest aspects of the developing world is how they take care, or neglect to take care of their domesticated pets. We have heard and seen things over the years that would depress the unsuspecting. If you are queasy, this is probably the time to stop reading this post. Puppies and kittens left anywhere in hopes of finding adopters. Beaten dog stuffed alive in plastic trash bags, left to die. We have seen reports on our expat sites of dog rescues where jaws had to be wired after unfathomable abuse by their original owners.
   I am not trying to say this to bum you out, rather to call you to action. If you want to make a difference, support organizations like World Vets  which help animals big and small in the developing world. They also try to reduce future offspring with sterilization programs. We have seen these guys in action in Nicaragua, they help to lesson the unwanted pets who end up far too often as innocent victims. Educating the developing world is important but the urgent need right now is immediate sterilization programs. Please consider donating to wonderful organizations like this.  

Our friend, and 6th grade teacher, found an abandoned 4 week old kitten on the sidewalk and decided to adopt it.

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