Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reloxin' an' stayin' Tron-quill

As the title suggests, "Relaxing and staying tranquil" is alive and well on the Corn islands. As we leave the Corn islands, and their roughly 6,000 inhabitants, we are left with questions and observations that will last well into the future. Could it be, the most authentic parts of the Caribbean, are the regions unknown? I know the vacation planners and condo hustlers may not agree with me on this, but the average person looking for a restful, affordable and largely uncommercialized vacation needs to look beyond the "Known" hot spots.
   I mentioned in an early post, "That we almost gave up on the Caribbean" but we didn't entirely give up, because it was in Guatemala's Caribbean coast that we changed our expectations on what we wanted from life. It was in the lesser known Caribbean that we realized alternative ways of living were not only possible, but real, in the whimsical floating communities of Rio Dulce and El Valle. . It is possible that one can get away from it all, yet be part of something at the same time. It was a place where water was the main highway, modern sailing vessels were on equal footing as wooden dugouts and where people were outnumbered by birds a thousand to one. Here too, the lesser known regions of the Caribbean, far exceeded our expectations. Having that vacation of dreams is different for each of us, but the starter ingredients for most would be, beauty, affordable and relaxing. Next time you search for that beach getaway, expand your search to include lesser known parts of the Caribbean. I venture to say, you'll be happy you got off the beaten path.

Cutting the lawn with a machete is common throughout Latin America. We met some Europeans at our hotel that were amazed by this, so I decided to post the video it for others to see.

When gas is expensive and labor is cheap.

Simple island homes.

One of the many island churches.

Quiet roads all over the island.

Same basic elements of life around the world.

The wet climate takes a toll on the buildings.

Our path to the beach will be missed.

Pretty much sums it up.

Cute house behind the chain link fence.

Though the island is stunning, it's the people that made Corn Island so special.

A very nice park for the kids of the island.

Neighborhood just like anywhere.

When the road ends at the beach, the sight can be breathtaking

Living in harmony with the sea.

Crabs crossing by the millions each and every night.

Sting ray 

A wonderful restaurant on a lagoon where ice cold beers delivered to your table are a buck. 

We bought fish to feed the sharks, Zoe was sad to see the dead fish.

Happy kids and happy sharks behind them.

The scenery was just so dreamy all over the island. 
The residents were warm and welcoming wherever we went.


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