Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Strolling Granada with kids

This is Mike...
Since the weather cooled off, thanks to recent rains, we decided to pick up one of Zoe's friends and stroll down to the lake. The Calzada, the main tourist road in Granada, ends on the lake at a pier. There is a nice set of paths and play areas just before the guard shack. Past the guard shack are many beach restaurants as well as access to Marina Cocibolca, which is at least another 5 miles further down the road. Here are some random google images of the marina area 
   As with most public areas around the world you need to keep an eye on your belonging here. This area has a high concentration of homeless people, so nighttime strolls along the beach are definitely frowned upon by the locals that we spoke with. In the day however, it is safe enough for family activities. In fact, the girls had their end of year school party here. The Nicaraguan government is pumping millions of dollars in this area to revitalize it. Tourism numbers keep rising each year, in Nicaragua, and as we have see on the Calzada, Spanish is sometimes seldom heard. Thus as more visitors arrive and bring money, so too are their expectations of having a clean boardwalk to stroll along.  These improvements are a good boost for the community and visitors alike.

Zoe climbing a coconut tree during our stroll on the boardwalk

You'll pass the fine art gallery as you walk towards the beach

Walking back into town along the Calzada.

Zoe and Anais playing in a courtyard while enjoying ice cream.

Who doesn't like chocolate ice cream all over their face?

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