Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Magic and a hammock

This is Mike...
Zoe's kitty, Tibbs, is still struggling to open her mouth because of lockjaw. We continue to feed Tibbs a liquid diet so she can get the nourishment to continue on. It is amazing how this little kitty has brought us together. In caring for another, we have learned so much about each others fears, hopes, and understanding about how the life works. Having the "Big" conversations with the little people can leave you speechless. Speechless because they "Get it." Speechless because they are wise beyond their years. Speechless because there is a basic truth, a basic fairness that they understand. Sometimes adults just don't get it, because we lost the magic, the magic of believing. The magic of a fairy godmother that watches over your shoulder. The magic of cuddling a sick kitty, in hopes that if you love more, the pain can go away.
   We grow older learning to cope. According to my kids, coping is not listening to your heart, its putting your heart in a box to protect it. All of these years I thought I was strong and stoic only to hear I was putting my heart in a box. I am honored to have heard my kids talk about life, death, love and how there is not enough magic in the world. I am so proud to have heard the truth.

Zoe bought Tibbs a hammock so she can rest with her favorite teddy bear.
Zoe bought her kitty, Tibbs, a miniature hammock so she could relax in kitty comfort. She spent her hard earned money, on a mini-hammock for her kitty. I find it so cool that she spent $12 on a hammock for her cat that I can hardly contain my smiles while typing this post. In the ultimate sign of appreciation though, Tibbs uses the hammock all the time. Looks like Zoe knew best as I was the one who thought she'd regret buying the hammock and tried talking her out of the purchase.

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