Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Accidental sleepover

This is Mike...
We got picked up by Anais' dad, Leroy,  to go check out their farm for a few hours. We toured the horse property sipping Cuba Libres, before you knew it, it was midnight and everyone was still up laughing and chatting. Time just flew on the farm, like no other. Since nobody wanted to drive on the night roads we just crashed at Leroy and Anna's house. I slept on the hammock, Elise on the couch both of which were on the patio. Sierra slept on the living room couch, and Zoe slept in Anais' room. In the morning it probably looked like a war zone with people all over. We slept well even though the roosters started early and the sun shown brightly. Country air is special and we all needed the greenery and the nature. The girls were extra excited when, Oreo, the squirrel came by for a morning romp. Oreo lost his mommy when he was tiny so Leroy and family took care of him and weaned him. To this day, Oreo still stops by to make a splash from time to time. You can only imagine how excited the kids got when their forest buddy returned.

Nothing makes you laugh like having a squirrel on your head

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