Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cruising lake Cocibolca

This is Mike...
For Lia and her family's last day here in Granada we decided to go to lake Cocibolca, on the booze cruise. Lia and the kids had a blast jumping and sliding into the lake from the second story of the boat. I, however, just swam in the water as I still have to watch my ribs as they are tender and sensitive to quick movement. Elise could not make the boat trip as she was still recovering from a stomach bug. Thankfully though, Elise finally shook the bug and is back  her stride. It was unfortunate Elise wasn't feeling well for a couple days while one of her best friends was in town.

Lia loved playing around with the kids and showing them that moms can jump too.

Lia and Timothy in the lake

Chase's last big vacation before college starts.

Someone landing in the water at just the right moment.

Lia jumping off the boat and showing the young ones how it is done.

Timothy and Chase having a light snack for lunch.

Timothy jumping off the boat after watching his mom do it.

Sierra coming in for a landing.

Kids having a meeting.

Tough kids on the boat.

Chase enjoying the views over lake Nicaragua

Getting ready for the swim session.

Enjoying the last few weeks before Chase goes off to College.

Snack time aboard the boat.

One of the many islets in the lake.

Anya steering the boat between the islets.

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