Friday, September 4, 2015

Cuicocha Lake

This is Mike...
Cuicocha Lake is about 5 miles away from the hacienda we are staying at. The drive is dusty and bumpy through the hills to get here but as you can see well worth it. Elise and I are trying to come up with areas we've been to in the past for comparisons to share on the blog, but in truth we have never seen anything like the Andes before. The vistas here are mind blowing. We are staying in a home at an 8000 foot elevation looking down on the valley floor of 6000 foot elevation surrounded by numerous 15000 peaks, and all in a tight area. The undulating scenery is just as hypnotizing as watching a camp fire and just as ever changing. It is very easy to get lost daydreaming here.   
This crater lake formed when the volcano collapsed.

Not a house along the rim to spoil the views.

The algae at the lower portions is more than 20 feet deep but are just as clear and vivid as the surface algae. The water here is sparkling clear.

Sierra and Zoe bought alpaca shawls that are warm and cozy for $8 each. The Inca people are small in stature but grand in spirit.

We just loved the views here.

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