Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Incredible scenery climbing the Andes

This is Mike...
We drove up and down three separate highland valleys today between Popayan and Pasto, Colombia. This is a preview of what kind of roads are in store for us further down the continent. Using lower gears here is super important because brakes can overheat quickly in these circumstances. We'll just let the pictures show you the rest.
The scenery is similar to the dryers mountains out west in the U.S.

Just over the mountains in the horizon is the Pacific Ocean for Colombia

Looks a lot like New Mexico but the mountains are higher here

Not too much traffic on the roads here.

The drop off from the road are steep to say the least

Elise and I said on several occasions that the valleys looked like the Grand Canyon.

The picture just doesn't do this cliff justice when showing the grandeur.

The higher we went up the mountains the cooler and wetter it became.

Green as Hawaii by the time we got to the top

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