Thursday, April 20, 2017

Looking for rental property in the U.S.

We are way behind on the blog entries because I have been in the Florida the last couple of weeks looking for investment properties. We are expanding our financial horizons to possibly include rental income from either Indiana or Florida. It has been interesting searching for those "Just right" properties, knowing full well the potential risks involved. Truth be told, what a hassle living abroad and dealing with tenants, right? We are going to have the properties professionally managed to lesson the headaches but some issues will linger regardless. Fact is, the kids and Elise absolutely love living in Nicaragua and any idea of an early return is promptly rebuffed by each of them. So why fight it, as long as they are content I could live anywhere.
   We are still moderately interested in investing in Nicaragua so long as the right situation presented itself. However, it is still arguably easier to earn a more predictable income in the states than in Nicaragua. We know nothing is guaranteed but having the added certainty of understanding the rules ahead of time, makes investing in the U.S. a more practical decision for our family. Truthfully, I was so bummed out a few weeks ago admitting that the U.S. is probably the better investment option for us. I just wish we found the right opportunity abroad, but thus far, we haven't. So, at that unique intersection where dreams and reality collide, investing back in the states has been our plan B. Sometimes, though, plan Bs are better than no plan at all.

Below are various shots of Florida 


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