Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's raining peras de agua blossoms

Our pera de agua (water pear) tree dropped her blossoms by the thousands and carpeted the ground beneath her limbs for more then a week. Our kids, and their friends, were enamored by the intensity of the fragrance and the profusion of the vibrant pinkness of the flower petals. Anyone who has daughters can attest to their natural affinity for that soft peaceful color, we call pink. My older daughter loved the natural aspects of shedding blossoms and viewed the spectacle with more of a discerning eye. My younger daughter, however, viewed the event as magical and perhaps even a reward for being a good child to the tree. There, in the picture below, is our new reality and one that only a parent could appreciate. One of my children is starting to think like an adult. Unavoidably, the bridge to the other side, that world of pureness, pretend play, and heart-driven thought, is slowly fading away. Though getting older is the natural progression, I hope that my daughters can experience this wonderful aspect of childhood again, when they become parents and grandparents.  

Each has her own equally important view of the same pink-tacular experience.

Flowers by the handful. 

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