Sunday, April 2, 2017

Costa Rica is getting strict at the border

Costa Rica is clamping down on border bunnies, like us, doing their visa renewals every 90 days. Costa Rica is requiring that you have proof of onward travel, out of Costa Rica, and that affects us long term visitors trying to get our stamps and return back to Nicaragua. We had to buy a couple of open ended bus tickets, while at the border, to show as proof to immigration. However, we learned of a better way while speaking with some other expats. Create your own fake ticket by visiting one of many free websites like Omatic and have the fake ticket in your smart device ready to present to immigration. We were without internet and also weren't expecting to be hassled so we had to buy our tickets at the border. Avoid the headaches and arrive prepared.

Fruit stand shopping on the way back from the border.

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