Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birthday girl turns 8

Zoe recently had her 8th birthday at the tail end of a major Nicaraguan holiday. We were fortunate to have people show up, considering everybody here had 5 days off and could have gone anywhere. Elise and I are amazed at how many wonderful people we have met in the last 5 months. We marvel at the sense of community we have here and how being with others is so natural and fulfilling for us.
   As for Zoe, she aged another year and like many parents we wonder where the time has gone. Being reminded from time to time about impermanence is a good thing. Enjoying life while we can is the answer to the age old question of how do we slow time down. Elise reminds me often that she feels like time slows the more she lives the life she was meant to live. Judging by her smile, I can hardly dispute her point of view.     

My lovely wife smiling in the foreground.

Swim up pool bar for the kids was just what they needed.

Cheers to another birthday, say the kids.

Deep in conversation and thought.

Adults had fun too with music, food and drink.

Pools are for fun. Zoe was so happy about her party.

These cupcakes were as delicious as they look, and the frosting was handmade and not too sweet.

Zoe did an Ecuadorian tradition where she put her face into the cake, but she went to the extreme.

Sunset over the Hotel Jardin. Our friends own this hotel and are great people.

The birthday girl.

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