Monday, September 19, 2016

Family fun at Playa el Coco

Here are some images from our stay, while in Playa el Coco. We stayed at the intimate accommodations of La Veranera We enjoyed our time at the beach and were surprised how much we needed the break. Watching our girls surf and play until they were exhausted was priceless. We hope these images of Southern Nicaragua inspire you to adventure here as well.  

Zoe coming in fast on the body board.

Diacachimba is Nicaraguan slang meaning "Freakin awesome."

Zoe is swimming out on the body board, behind her is our beach guest house.

Sierra standing up on the surfboard.

The girls at the sand bar. We enjoyed being able to walk right out to the ocean when we wanted.

Jan, from Hamburg, was a wonderful tri-lingual host at la Veranera.

4 wheel drive came in handy crossing roads that were underwater.

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