Monday, March 21, 2016

Choosing storage and movers

This is Mike...
As we draw closer to the moving deadline we have to make arrangements for either selling or storing the furniture. After estimating the few peanuts we could get by selling the furniture we opted to store it instead. As we found out, there are a ton of options for storage. In the end, we chose to climate control our stuff because mildew is an issue for long term storage here in Texas. I know, air conditioning our junk sounds extreme but all of our furniture is nearly brand new and they had a special we could not refuse. So, for $146 a month, we can keep our goods safe in case we move back sooner than we realize.
   We were going to initially hire movers to relocate our stuff to storage, but have since, decided against it after the $1300 to $1900 quote. We are going to do the move "Old School" and move the stuff on our own, with a neighbor or two (still undecided on who I should ask a favor from). Renting the truck and buying packing supplies should come in around $400 or so.  Much nicer to the wallet than the hefty fees the movers were charging. I guess that is the high priced reality of using professionals in a booming area like Austin. We'll use the money saved by doing it ourselves and buy tickets to Nicaragua instead :) For the record, my wife did not like the idea of us moving furniture but saw the light after seeing how much money we could save.

The storage facility.

The temporary home for our belongings.

Looks like a prison for innocent furniture to me.

I spoke with the facility owner, and the Austin area storage occupancy rate is 98%. It is no wonder why they are building so many more units here.


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  1. We just downsized our house and moved several states away... To do this, we got rid of a LOT of stuff (sold, donated to charity, gave to friends & family) In hindsight, we should have gotten rid of just about everything and bought what we needed in the new location. We spent a lot of energy and resources to move old stuff and try to fit it into our new home for no reason other than we already had it. Just my $.02