Monday, March 14, 2016

One month away and counting

This is Mike...
We are one month away till we close on the sale of our house, and move to Nicaragua shortly thereafter. Part of our dilemma on scheduling anything, is there's always a possibility the home will fall out of escrow for lack of financing, etc. There is also a possibility signing of the documents gets delayed for some inexplicable reason as well. Hence the bizarre world we are in right now, it's all good until it isn't. Lack of absolute timetables we can count on is making us unnerved, which makes us irritable. Once again, we are having crazy dreams just like last year prior to us leaving on our "Big Trip". We have dreams of losing hair, teeth, or each other. Sometimes our dreams effect us after we are awake too, like Elise getting upset with me for something I did wrong in her dream?! And the vise versa is also true, with me getting upset with her. Still, we need to push on and find storage for our furniture, sell our car, transfer the mail and so on. Prioritizing has become a big pastime since that is about all we can do right now. We cannot pack the furniture yet, too early. We cannot sell the car yet, too early. We know the busy days will come and dread the thought.

Nothing beats selling a hot tub to a total stranger on-line

Ah the joys of selling an air hockey table for pennies on the dollar.


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