Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Family Together Again

Hiking path to the beach
The girls playing in the waves
Zoe zip-lining into the bay
View of Xel-Ha above and two crazy girls below

This is Elise.  Our flight and arrival in Cancun was smooth.  It 's good to be together again.  Our rental for the week is a dump.  To go from our beautiful house to this place is hard.  I knew it would be small but I didn't know everything would fall apart as we use it.  The second we walked through the door Zoe had an accident on the floor.  Now I have a big puddle of pee to clean up and no rags or paper towels.  So I have to use one of our two bath towels we were given.  Then I try to rinse Zoe's clothes in the bathroom sink and push down a little washing out the clothes.  The sink comes unglued and falls down into the cabinet below.  Now Mike is trying to fix it. Also the air mattress the girls are sleeping on loses all its air overnight so they roll together and are basically sleeping on tile by morning. Welcome to Mexico.  We went from living in Steiner Ranch to living at poverty like conditions in Mexico in three hours.  I am suffering a little culture shock.
On the good side.  Yes the water is really that amazing shade of turquoise and the sand is velvet soft and white.  The groceries are much cheaper.  We bought about $60 worth of groceries for $35 dollars.
I think it takes about a day to get settled into a new place so I should feel better tomorrow.
The girls are having an absolute blast boogie boarding and playing at the beach.  We love all the fresh tropical fruit here. I am looking forward to a beautiful sunset tonight.


  1. Dee Dee here - I'm reading your stuff! I am glad you brought a couple of towels, Elise! :-) Enjoy those cheaper groceries and fresh fruit! Love y'all.

  2. MIA here.
    That pathway is awesome. The rest spot sounds like the first chapter of a novel... oh, the books the girls could write. I just started catching up on the log. I am going to dip in and out to catch up. You all have been on my mind. I am glad to see so many posts.