Friday, February 27, 2015

my fun at tulum

This is sierra, I had so much fun in Tulum for the past 7 days. But our condo is just yuk. If I could go back in time and tell my mom to not bock this place then, I would have way more fun. My mom said that the next place will be closer to the beach and not be so yuk. I miss all of you so much, I wish you came with us so I would have more then enough friends.



  1. Sierra, I bet the next place you stay at will be much better! Be sure and take lots of pictures so when you are as old as I am you will be able to look at all those pictures and laugh...and then tell all the stories of your great adventures to your friends. Be safe and have lots of fun! I can already see that you are getting a wonderful tan. Give Zoe a hug from me.....Taylor and Henry's Mimi

  2. this is sierra,
    to: stephanie
    thank you that was so sweet of you. Thank you for reading our blog all the time. taylor & henry are so lucky to have someone like you.