Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"La dolce far Niente"

This is Mike...
We are settling in with new sounds, smells, and customs. It has been an adjustment but mostly just taking it as it comes. The weather contributes to us relaxing outdoors and the waves keep the kiddos entertained. It is so nice that there are not a lot of things to do. We are readjusting to enjoying the boredom. This will take some time for all of us to adjust but that is OK, it's worth the wait. The process of what we are going through reminds me of the old Italian saying that Max Santucci said, "la dolce far niente." Literally translating to the "sweetness of doing nothing."
Slowing down is one of the many reasons we decided to do this trip. Slowing down is super important so we have time for each other, I already notice things about my kids that I missed before. Watching Sierra and Zoe hangout with each other is a hoot. Elise is enjoying the natural setting but is getting used to different norms like not flushing the toilet paper. We have a house rule you drop the paper in the can, you fish it out yourself. We try to remind each other while we're on the can by saying loudly through the bathroom door, "Don't flush the paper, Don't flush!" It is quite comical that three people are outside a door giving moral support to the do-er inside. We give Hi-Fives to the victors and a fishing stick to the loser. Stupid silly stuff like this are things we never did back home and is now are part of our new norm. I have to laugh just how close we are become much to the behest of Elise. She needs more space than us but slim chance that will happen.
Home schooling is just starting over here and setting up a system is key we thought back when we were innocent and well intentioned. After one day I can safely say the parents were schooled. We obviously need to establish an on-the-fly routine accounting for the amount of sleep, food, fun, etc. We are committed to not letting the inmates run the asylum and we will keep you informed as to how this important aspect of out trip is going.
On a side note, I repaired the sink that Elise broke within the first 30 seconds of being here. Little did Elise know that she brought a junior plumber with her on this trip. After this repair Elise may want me to work on her pipes too, but slim chance in these tight accommodations. Ah the joys of traveling with children. 
Anyways tomorrow is another day and we'll see where it takes us. In the meantime I hope y'all can enjoy "La dolce far niente."   

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  1. Oh, the bliss I can imagine of finding peace with the boredom. Is there a hammock nearby? I'm envisioning it all quite nicely and appreciate the posts! I love the moral support over the flushing. True Stock greatness at work there. Homeschool is happening all around you. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy some vacation time!