Sunday, December 31, 2017

Farm fun in Nicaragua

For our regular readers, you will recognize this farm from an entry last spring, when the animals were having their offspring. Well, spring came early this year. The heavy rains made for a good year for the grasses and with it, the early arrivals. The grasses not only triggered an early birthing season for the cuddly animals but also for the rodents which will in-turn, trigger a mini predator boom of snakes, birds, etc. Nature quickly finds ways to correct any excesses that a bumper year would bring. For us, we have already seen a few snakes in our yard along with a skunk, possums and other such animals. We are bracing for a lot of slimy, creepy, slithering critters as the dry season slowly approaches. Living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle has it advantages and disadvantages but all-in-all hearing, smelling and experiencing nature makes it worth it.   
    As for the farm, and the children who live it from time to time, life is good. The smiles in the pictures tell it all.   

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