Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas concert at parque Xalteva

Our school had their annual Christmas concert at parque Xalteva. The kids had a blast singing and horsing around in front of their families, friends and onlookers. For the tourists happening to pass by in their horse drawn carriages, they got a special treat as well. Hearing the Christmas songs set to the backdrop of this very historic park was an enjoyable experience. My daughter, Zoe, was worried about falling as she is still unstable without her walker. She was the only child to sit out during the performance. Though her knee is rehabilitating nicely and she has regained full range of motion she is still cautious about falling and rebreaking her knee again. Zoe did, however, participate in the last song of the concert along with the entire student body and staff. Zoe was encouraged and supported by her favorite teacher, Ms. Margarita, to participate in the finale. Speaking as a parent with a child that needed extra help, having a caring teacher turn my daughters sadness to happiness was a wonderful sight to see. As for the Christmas performance, it never gets dull watching the students and staff have so much fun. 

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