Monday, July 24, 2017

The school's promotion ceremony

Wow, it has been 7 weeks since I last updated the blog! The end of the school year activities and buying a rental property in the U.S. took precedent over the blog. But still, it is amazing how taking a little time off translated into 7 weeks. Not complaining, though, maybe I needed it.
Back to the blog:   
The school's promotion ceremonies were held on the grounds of the very romantic Hotel Granada property. The hotel's old world charm and cooler breezes from the lake added to the ambiance of our event. The parents enjoyed the class performances and the scholastic acknowledgements and the kids enjoyed all the attention. In a moment of immense pride for us, Sierra and her good friend, Aiden, were anointed queen and king of the school. This was a highlight for us and we could not have been more proud, even though Sierra was embarrassed about winning. 
   As for the ceremony, it's always bitter sweet to see our children advance forward in their "Conveyor belt of life." Ultimately, and most importantly, our girls are happy, well adjusted children and for parents that's what matters. On a side note, our daughters are becoming little internationalistas! Having friends from all over the globe, at such early ages, has benefited both of our daughters in wonderful ways.  

The promotion ceremony began with our school's anthem .

The children getting ready for one of their many performances.

Zoe and Anais, best friends.

Queen and king of the school, Sierra and Aiden.

A few fathers wondered off to the bar and found a hidden pathway to the cellar below.

Aussie Pete, had a bit of a look around.

Inside the hotel's massive grounds.

The expansive hallways were open and airy.

No matter how well dressed, the children still find ways to play.

The pool was right next to the outdoor hall, housing our promotion ceremony.

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