Saturday, December 17, 2016

The school's Christmas show at Parque Xalteva

Christmas productions, put on by children, no matter where they are performed, are adorable. Our school decided to make their annual production a community event, open to the public, at Parque Xalteva. And a good choice it was! Every passerby was treated to nice music and festive garments. It's always a joy to see how the truest of smiles occur so naturally and effortlessly, when given a chance. Just throwing this out there, maybe the whole purpose of why we are alive is to put smiles on people's faces. Who knows, but what is the worst thing that could happen if we try, people smile too much?
   The holidays are a time for sharing and giving but for the rest of the year, the popular term is called "Paying it forward." As we approach the holidays, my family and I,  would like to take this opportunity to thank those travelers before us, whom unknowingly helped make our journey easier. Most travelers tread lightly and help when they can. Sure there are those bad seeds, that harm, but the majority of travelers will go forever unknown, spreading community, in each place they visit. We are thankful to those before us who helped blaze a path, albeit a less worn path, but a path just the same. We are indebted to people we have not met and probably will never know. To them, we say thank you for paying it forward and we will continue the tradition.
   Some of the best things in life, like family and love, aren't perfect. We find ways to enjoy the company of others regardless of the irritations and baggage we all bring. Learning to "Work-it-out" elevates our thoughts and in our solutions we can sometimes find a true gem. For example, my favorite Christmas song "Silent Night" was created because a church organ wasn't working. Rather than call off the annual Christmas show they worked through their problem and created a beautiful song which didn't require an organ. Today, many millions of children around the world sing this peaceful melody for others to enjoy. Who would have thought that a failed organ combined with the unfailing determination of a few men to "Work-it-out" could have given the world such a beautiful song? Their can do attitude is Christmas spirit in it's purest form.
   Though I might be too old, my Christmas wish this year is for people to forgive themselves and those around them, who fall short. May we rejoice in our failings as long as we learn from them. Finally, and most importantly, give children the greatest gift of all, believe in them.

Noche de Paz (Silent Night)

Thankfully the arts are critical pieces of education at our school.

Noche de Paz (Silent Night) 

Zoe and Anais in front of our Christmas art at home.

Sierra was happy to showcase her Dirndl.

The kids politely sat down waiting for each class to perform.

The parents eagerly waited for the show to commence.

The kindergarteners were adorable.

The flute was a nice touch.

Zoe and her best friend were angels for the performance.

Each grade had their own performance.

Beautiful setting for the concert.

The teachers even gave their all for a Christmas song.

Sierra liked playing with the girl's hair in front of her.

No Christmas celebration would be complete without a Christmas goose :) 

The kids horsing around during a song. 

Sierra and two of her closest friends.

The young ladies wore their finest.

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