Wednesday, December 7, 2016

School play, Three Little Pigs

Last week our school put on the annual winter play which, this year, was The Three Little Pigs. The kids poured their hearts into this acting affair. The audience, primarily comprised of kids, were mesmerized by the acting abilities of their friends. Just for the record, the production was about as low-budget as a play could get which went completely unnoticed by the children. The children enjoyed putting on the performance while the others loved watching the performance. Though lines were forgotten here and there not a soul cared. Kids need activities like this to bring out their inner expressionistas.

The very cute "Big bad wolf"

We happen to have identical triplets in our school which played the three little pigs. Sierra, in the foreground, was one of the play's narrators.

The audience intently listening.

Much harder to blow a brick house down.

Zoe was entranced with the play.

All the play's participants taking a bow after the play.

Great little play for the imaginative kids.

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