Tuesday, November 28, 2017

An elegant Thanksgiving, Granada style

   Imagine walking into a mid 19th century Spanish colonial home, with all of its grandeur and elegance, and at the same time enjoying the wafting aromas of roasting turkey with all possible accoutrement. Yeah, it was as good as you can image. Our friends, the cool hosts, opened their home to nearly 60 guests and made it a wonderful celebration. The elegance and charm of the evening allowed the adults the rare opportunity to get dressed up. For most of us, in Granada, wearing something nice is usually too much work and most likely too hot to enjoy anyway. So on these special occasions when we can look respectable for the evening, we enjoy it. As for the kids, they swam before, during and after the meal. The intermittent yelling, "Cannon ball" followed by a splash didn't phase any of the parents. In fact, the parents either had an amazing talent to block out the noise or were soothed by the laughter and shouts of their happy children. Whichever it was, the parents had a relaxing, good time and the whole affair reminded me of being a child in the 1970's. The adults did their own thing, the children solved their own problems, nobody judged, and no one used a cellphone. It was nice to feel the spirit of my youth again, in an unexpected place, at an unexpected time.   

The buffet line
The hosts even set up a bar with servers for us.

My happy wife.

The colonial houses in Granada have so much charm.

Parents chatting, while children were making turkey decorations in the back.

Swim time is all the time.

Eating time.

Our good buddy, Brett, who recently moved here from New York with his wife and three children.

Our friends come from all over the world.

Pre-party time.

My daughter and her friend, having a quiet dinner together 

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