Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Truck has been sold

Well, I sold the truck late last night and am scheduled to fly out tonight. It was sad selling "Black Beauty" as it finalized my return and the conclusion of the South American portion of the trip all in one event. We had an amazing time with our 4Runner, she held up nicely under tough circumstances. I wish it wasn't 20,000 miles (30,000 K) to drive home otherwise I would have. Shipping was not practical for both price and timing, so selling was the best option. Speaking on behalf of my whole family we loved our SUV.

We were able to cross rivers.
We were able to drive to remote areas.

Sometimes we took scary car ferries like this tiny boat.

We were able to go into Barrios we would not otherwise have seen.

We were able to go almost anywhere.

She helped us get to our new homes.

We were able to drive countess miles on glorious deserted beaches.

We were able to visit special spots off the beaten path.

We shipped the vehicle across the Darien Gap.

We drove to incredible spots.

Our car got injured in transit.

Being able to stop anywhere at anytime was priceless.

We mended our car as we would mend ourselves.

Black beauty was our playground, our car, our home for 9 and a half months.

We drove to hidden ranches and hidden valleys.

We drove on muddy slippery roads

We drove on scary unsafe roads

We drove to remote border crossings.

 Above all, we drove where our hearts led us and this wonderful SUV helped us get there. Black Beauty, for many you are an inanimate object but for us you were our world and a valuable travel companion. You will be missed.


  1. Hi Mike, wow selling the car was quick! All the best on your next adventures. Fran and Phil from the campsite in Colonia
    btw this is our blog

  2. All good things definitely have to come to an end, and that was the case with black beauty. The good thing is that not only did you have some great times together, you have some amazing pictures that you can look back on fondly when you want to remember all those amazing places you were able to travel around the world.

    Damion @ Jacky Jones Lincoln