Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Near Punta del Este

I took a drive to Punta del Este today to check out the famed beach community that is overrun each year by rich Brazilians in the summertime. As I got closer to the beach and saw the skyscrapers I stopped and decided it wasn't for me. It looked like Miami from the distance so I drove off the highway to the slower beach town I was next to to enjoy the beach. It is so similar to Florida here with the piney woods and flat topography that it's surreal. The major difference is, it is much more expensive here than Florida, like a rotisserie chicken costs $11, gas costs $6 a gallon, and a new mid-range Ford F150 costs $72,000. The beaches that I went to today were tranquil and enjoyable which I greatly appreciated.

It is kinda weird taking these pictures knowing the vacation is coming to an end.

This is a much nicer beach than a bunch of skyscrapers everywhere.

Inlet waterways meeting the ocean.

Uruguay is a relatively safe place and as such the homes are inviting rather than walled compounds like in other parts of Latin America.

Piney woods just like in the south eastern US.

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