Thursday, February 15, 2018

Granada's annual poetry festival

Okay...I know what you are thinking, a poetry festival is about as exciting as watching grass grow. I have been there too. My past experiences can be summed up by squeaky college aged kids overly emphasizing their emotions while reading angry prose. The humanity of it all...
   Happily, Granada's annual poetry festival is a gem of professional writers from all over the world. Poets were reading in German, Finnish, French, English, Spanish and a half a dozen other languages for all to enjoy. The events are free and represent the best prose, in the world today. The energy level was high and the crowds motivated the speakers to press on. This is not only a celebration of an interplay between words it's also a celebration of Nicaragua's most famous poet and national icon Ruben Dario

Poetry being read in front of the San Francisco convent

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