Friday, January 12, 2018

El Castillo on the Rio San Juan

An old Spanish fort guards this tiny hamlet on the San Juan river. Long a favorite destination for backpackers, El Castillo is now going mainstream with professional anglers and jungle enthusiasts. Still, though, the prices are affordable and locals love meeting new tourists. El Castillo is a major jumping off point to proceed east into the various parks. Much of the river San Juan is the actual border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, so military check points are frequent. If you plan on visiting the area definitely bring your passport. It is the law!

A view of el Castillo 

A burned out remnant from slashing and burning to make room for palm plantations. This burned out stump was at least 30 feet tall and 12 feet wide at the base. It must have been a huge tree while it was alive.

Different military sectors along the river. 

A stroll through downtown el Castillo.

We liked the riverside community.

We ran into some American fisherman that come down here every year for the world class tarpon.

No cars here so the horses do all the work.

Daydreaming is good for the mind.

This canoe has seen better days.

Climbing to the top of a once strategic fort.

Having fun in the ruins.

The fort had a commanding view of both sides of the river.
Beautiful countryside around the fort.

Overlooking the thin strip of a town.

The flag of Nicaragua blowing in the wind.

Having fun

Taking a break.

Once formidable weaponry now obsolete.

Shane and his cousin Cheyenne.

River living.

Old timer enjoying the view from his back deck

Watching the world go by.

Freshwater shrimp

The freshwater shrimp were both large and delicious.

I often wonder what my kids are thinking when we see cool spots like this.

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