Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Laguna de Apoyo's endless shades of green

From rim, to vistas, placid waters and quiet siestas, Laguna de Apoyo is simply gorgeous. We love Apoyo's easy accessibility from Granada, less than 20 minutes by car, and worlds away. We hope that the Nicaraguan government continues to do the right thing with this gem and maintains it's protection. As many of the world's special places become caricatures of themselves, glorified theme parks if you will. Laguna de Apoyo is an understated, low key paradise. Best yet, the building moratorium, here, has kept the wild scenery largely intact. We happen to have a friend who has a house on the water's edge which was built prior to the moratorium. Seeing Laguna de Apoyo's endless shades of green while enjoying their hospitality, certainly makes visiting the laguna extra fun.     

Views from restaurant Congo on the western slope of the crater.

Zoe's best friend and her mom hiking on the rim of Apoyo.

Panoramic views of the laguna and Mombacho volcano behind it.

Like a giant green house where everything grows.

We swam with many friends from our kid's school.

Purpose built for fun.

Sitting by the lake and enjoying conversation. 

Elise likes the views of the lake and loves visiting this area.

Lakeside living at it's best.

The outdoor kitchen and living area maximizes the natural experience.

We stayed until the moon was well above us.

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