Monday, August 14, 2017

A mountain retreat

One of our really good friends has parents that live on the cool, elevated slopes of Mombacho. Their house reminds me of what makes country living so special with unspoiled nature surrounding their abode. In fact, a large troop of howler monkeys regularly hangs out in the trees above their deck.
    As many people know, living in the tropics can get uncomfortably warm at times. However, living a couple thousand feet above sea level dramatically cools the air to a nearly perfect mid 70's year round. These Aussie/Canadian retirees love the relaxed atmosphere of living amongst nature, and why not, right? Over the years, seeing others living happy lifestyles has really impacted our perception of what a full life can be. As these wonderful people demonstrate, happiness can truly be an everyday occurrence.

Chatting on the deck prior to getting lunch ready.

The home has plenty of country ambiance.

Possibly the most charming BBQ area I have ever seen.

Zone of tranquility.

Cool, quiet, pure serenity.
Well maintained property.

My SUV parked next to the guest house and the gardener maintaining the property.

Leaving the large old growth trees keeps the house shaded during sunny days.
The early stages of prepping our meal.

Children doing what they do best, having fun.

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